cyclops vs superman

Superman vs. Cyclops (beam vision only) – Gen. Discussion – Comic … Which is more powerful, Superman’s heat vision or Cyclops’ optic … Superman is firing a Heat Ray and Cyclops is firing a Kinetic Blast. They are not even the same kind of energy. One is like a metal Ibeam extending out from his … Continue reading “cyclops vs superman”

darkseid vs goku

Darkseid vs Goku & Vegeta – Battles – Comic Vine DarkseidGoku Vegeta This is pre crisis darkseid. Goku & Vegeta are both at ss4. Who wins and why. Goku VS Darkseid | Death Battle Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by … Goku vs. Darkseid is a WhatIf Death Battle made by Strunton. Dragon Ball vs. … Continue reading “darkseid vs goku”