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Urban Dictionary: cyka blyat

cyka blyat is a inproper slur of Russain words usually meaning whore bitch. This term is usaully shouted multiple hundreds of times per day in European CS …

Urban Dictionary: #cyka blyat

#cyka blyat. Top Definition. idi nahui. Russian insult that literally translates into go to a dick and is used in the same context as the English term fuck off.

Urban Dictionary: suka blyat

it means fuck you bitch and is an overused term in the game CSGO or better known as counter strike global offensive. It is used as a russian way to say hello or …

Urban Dictionary: Cyka

Russian 1:CYKA BLYAT Russian 2: RUSH B CYKA … Doing judo moves and schooling, every communist cykaERB … cyka blat ti cho axuela!?

Urban Dictionary: blyat

While using the word blyat as a link word (regardless to its meaning) , there are no rules for where … Russian CS:GO player: suka blyat, idi nahui. … cyka blyat!

Urban Dictionary: cyka yibat

cyka yibat blyat · #russian cyka suka yibat swearing. by Ant1Q November 11, 2017. 0 0. Get the mug. Get a cyka yibat mug for your mama Nathalie.

Urban Dictionary: Author Cyka Blyat reeeeeeeee

1 definition by Cyka Blyat reeeeeeeee. Top Definition. Count Dankula. Fat cunt of a youtuber that taught his dog how to Sieg Heil and is now on trial for racism …

Blyat / Cyka Blyat | Know Your Meme

The earliest known definition was submitted on September 6th, 2005 to Urban Dictionary, where user Spiel Brickner identified “bylat” as a Russian slang term for …

What is up with cyka blyat ? : OutOfTheLoop – Reddit

urban dictionary …. Global Offensive, as players from Russia often don’t speak any English and are stereotyped as only saying cyka blyat.

What’s cyka blyat? (I think i misspelled it) : OutOfTheLoop – Reddit

urban dictionary ….. and can be translated in several different ways Pizdiet, Cyka , Blyat, Merde, … But cyka blyat is fucking whore or fuck, bitch.

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