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Catch sb’s eye Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Catch someone’s eyes it means to attract/grab someone’s attention. When you ‘catch’ someone’s eyes, you are grabbing their eyeballs which means their attention. Examples 1) There were hordes of people in the mall but that girl in yellow boots wearing a white dress caught my eyes particularly.

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(ii) to get someone’s ?attention, ?especially by ?looking at them: I ?tried to catch the waiter’s ?eye, so we could ?order. (iii) to be ?attractive or different enough to be ?noticed by someone: It was the ?unusual ?colour of his ?jacket that ?caught my ?eye.

Catch sb’s eye Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

catch sb’s eye definition, meaning, what is catch sb’s eye: to get someone’s attention: . Learn more. … It was the unusual colour of his jacket that caught my eye.

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Definition of catch eye in the Idioms Dictionary. catch eye phrase. What does … That dress in the window caught my eye immediately—can I try it on? Your store  …

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English meaning of caught my eye (expr.) got my attention; piqued my interest; turned my head.

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Definition. 1. DefinitionStudy the definition. got my attention; piqued my interest; turned my head. 2. UseLearn how the slang is used.

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Define catch someone’s eye (phrase) and get synonyms. What is catch someone’s eye … There was one painting that caught my eye. Synonyms and related …

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I agree with those who have said that the meaning is me llamó la atención, but Little Witch, you should be aware that to catch someone’s eye …

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J’écris une lettre de motivation et je voudrais dire que l’offre de stage du compagnie ‘caught my eye’, meaning caught my attention. => Votre …

Catch eye meaning, definition, examples, origin, synonyms

catch eye. Meaning. be noticed by someone; attract someone’s attention; make … That shiny red car at the showroom had really caught my eye; I wanted to but it …

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